tulbagh, south africa

Older vintage fine dining wine to satisfy the sophisticated palate of wine enthusiasts from around the world.

Elegance, finesse, complexity and concentration of fruit are the hallmarks of Rijk's wines.

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   Touch of Oak

Private Cellar


Rijk's Pinotage

Rijk's Chenin Blanc

   MCC Brut


Pinotage 888


Rijk's Shiraz


   Touch of Oak

Private Cellar



   Touch of Oak

Private Cellar


All our vineyards are harvested at night to retain freshness and flavours.

Each variety is produced

in three styles

Younger vintage wines that are fruit driven with a soft tannin structure and a gentle touch of oak on the palate. Perfect for light meals

Older vintage wines with exceptional elegance, finesse, complexity, structure and concentration of fruit. A fine dining experience

Pierre selects the best 10 barrels of the vintage from the Private Cellar cultivar's. This wine is for special occasions

This is a rare Pinotage for the select few.  Only eight hundred and eighty eight bottles produced each vintage. A collectors wine

Rijk's are renowned specialists

in three grape varieties

Chenin Blanc



we also produce an exceptional

Traditional Cap Classique


Tasting Notes